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If the purpose of every individual on Earth is the personal evolution that is the improvement of the relationship of each individual against everything the universe, I think it should also be good for a family is the heart, the house, the urn in which man lives and evolves.

Our Family, for his great good fortune, in a matter of decades at the turn of the century, has had the chance to experience a strong cohesion a strong family love; a bond that kept us and keeps us still very close.

The old and the young, uncles, nieces and cousins. Consequently, without too many strategies and projects, this love, this joy of living and living together is poured on the job, our family business.

We just called it "work", but this is not the definitione Marchisio that we have for the "Tenuta Ca 'du Russ": it is between the "duty" and "pleasure", almost a mission, perhaps a wedding , a family bond.

Digging more and more in the feelings, one eventually realizes that living in this village in the Roero, in the vineyards, hills, our homes, our cellar, is a wonderful experience; with the passing years, the love with which our family has been dedicated to Ca 'du Russ, was finally poured on Earth and on the fields, that every day we walk on the fortune that lies beneath our feet in.

Qualdo few years ago we started with some friends talking about doing something more for the environment, for pollution from agricultural products and to discontinue the treatments and chemical fertilizers. We really realized that for the past ten years did not do more than use of synthetic chemicals. Li had supplanted the beginning of the century with the gathered experimental herbal natural, and completely organic manure and fertilizers. These treatments are at the time cost a lot in the economic and experimental, but we did it with heart, without too many economic calculations for our "Family", that is the Earth that is hosting us and providing us with the food each day.

And after 10 years of experimentation now happily successful, we are pleased to share our joy with our customers: in fact, since 2012, has begun the conversion to biodynamic true of all our products to the project to ensure that certificate LIBERANATURA even those who do not know us directly to understand the effort that the Family Marchisio has done for all of the Earth.

"We knew that" someone will say "it was not the case," we already know your love for the Earth and for the vineyards: we answer that now, it is time for change, and that those who have the experience and has already covered some roads must put them in plain view and available to others.


Much happiness and good luck to all, in faith.

Sergio Marchisio, Marisa, Fabio, Ivo, Francesca, Elena, Sofia, Marisol and Teresa.