The Biodynamic Agriculture

" The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant .

We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift . " (Albert Einstein)

The Biodynamic Agriculture is the new agriculture.

From the Biodynamic Agriculture eighty works for the fertility of the land and the quality of food .

 It is important to know and choose it because it is :

-  the choice of those who love our children and , therefore , the Earth that will leave them as an inheritance

-  the choice of those who understand to be part of a living whole terrestrial and cosmic co-responsible for this

-  the choice of those who want to bring into practice ideals, morality and brotherhood

-  the choice of those who feel the invocation of the three natural kingdoms to their loving care

-  the choice of who art social encounter with the other makes it his purpose in life

-  the choice of those who want quality instead of quantity, collaboration and competition

-  the choice of those who manifest their capacity in the high professionalism

-  the choice of who knows how high the biodynamic method in practice and would like to express its full power .

What is biodynamic farming ?

Applied all over the world since 1924 by companies of every size and type , it starts from the basis that the farm is a real living organism in a closed cycle , part of the largest living organism cosmic influences to which they are subject. The biodynamic farmer knows these influences and consequently adopts a practical method that promotes , with the result of having fertile soils , vital and healthy products .

It is a contribution to knowledge that is offered to complement the agronomic culture official , establishing a spirit of renewal in the most ethical and aesthetic that favors a new professionalism of the farmer, conscious and responsible .

Donate a new cosmic pulse shaper for the plant , as a manifestation of natural forces alone , more and more becomes an expression of human intervention professional .

Why consumers should ask Biodynamic products ?

Why were created for the health of the Earth and for our health ! Appreciate them AND YOU WILL BE WITH THOSE WHO FIGHT FOR THESE VALUES . Your choice , and your contributions are critical to the healthy future of the Earth .


"True science there will be only when you will control the forces at work. Could not ever understand plants, animals or pests taken every man for himself. What I said in the first lesson on the needle was very important. Who thinks all ' needle isolated from the rest in the needle and look for the same reason why it always takes place in the north will always say stupid things. necessary to consider the entire planet Earth as a magnetic north pole and a south pole to have a similar explanation.

Just like in that way we have to watch the whole earth in order to explain the characteristics of the needle, just so we have to consider the whole universe to explain the living world of plants. We can not only look at the plants, animals and men. Life comes from the whole universe, not only from what the earth gives us. The nature is at one and the forces flowing from all parties. Only those who have experienced the mind to the work of many mutual forces can understand nature. What does the scientist today? It takes preparation, it breaks down and studies it. He keeps it well insulated from the external environment and peering into a microscope.

And 'exactly the opposite of what needs to be done to understand the macrocosm. not just one island in a room but it is isolated from the splendor of the world. Nothing exists that what is centered with the microscopic lens. But if we find ourselves the way to the macrocosm, we will understand the nature of new and more ".

Rudolf Steiner in the sixth lesson 24/06/1924